Sunder City Goes Global!

In February 2020, The Last Smile in Sunder City will be released in the USA, UK, and Australia. Since I first announced the book, I’ve been flattered that so many people have asked me where else it might be coming out, and in what other languages.

As of writing, I’m excited to say that there are now four translations of The Last Smile in the works. A couple of these I’ve mentioned on twitter already. Others, I am able to announce for the first time.

These have been my favourite emails to receive over the last few months. New publishers coming on board, bringing the book to new countries, designing new covers, and teaching Fetch Phillips to speak a few new languages. My agent Alexander Cochran and the team at Orbit have done amazing work to make this happen and I feel like a very lucky debut author.

I don’t think any of these versions have a locked-in release date yet but I’ll do my best to update the information as it comes to me.

So, The Last Smile in Sunder City, the first book in The Fetch Phillips Archives, is going to be translated into…

German! – courtesy of Verlagsgruppe Droemer Knaur!

Portuguese! (Brazil) – with Nova Fronteira!

Italian! – coming to you from Triskell!

and Spanish! from the good people at Trini!

It’s still early days, but I’ll share more information about each release as I get it. I hope this is exciting news for some of you. It certainly is for me.

No firm travel plans yet, but you can bet I’ll be using this as an excuse to bounce around the world as much as possible when the book is out.

See you soon!




8 thoughts on “Sunder City Goes Global!”

  1. Congratulations, Luke! I’m so happy and excited for your first debut novel to be translated into 4 languages! Is there any chance to see you, with your books at somewhere conventions in next future?


  2. What a great new!!! Spanish!!! I will buy in English too because I cannot wait 🤗. I’m waiting for your book and you in Madrid!!! I wish you all the best in this new adventure. I will wait for news!!


    1. So happy for you to be taking on this literary adventure!
      I was trying to keep expectations in check,but am now over the moon to know your book will be coming to Brazil!!!
      Hope it doesn’t sound too creepy coming from a stranger on the internet, but I’m really proud of you.
      Can’t wait to meet Fetch!


  3. Luke we are so happy for you we knew you would have great success with your writing and the book. Just wanted to let you know that Megan & Nathan couldn’t be any prouder to see you have this wonderful day happening for you. Just remember they will be at almost all of the book Cons in the USA on the East Coast so if you want to connect with them just give me a heads up you have all my support as well.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Carolyn & Your Writing Team Warriors..Megan & Nathan..


  4. Hey man, if you are into fantasy check out N.K. Jemison. She’s phenomenal! The worlds she creates are captivating. One day I’ll write a fantasy novel, but for now check out my blog. Just exercising my skills a bit, it would be great to have some constructive criticism from a published author.


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