The Winter That Was​

Well, here we are – months after my last post with a million things to talk about. We have revealed the cover of The Last Smile in Sunder City, advanced copies are out in the world being read and reviewed, Glitch Season 3 is airing, and winter has come and gone.

I’ve been in Melbourne for the last three months, playing the role of Kit Marlowe in the stage adaptation of Shakespeare in Love: a rollicking romp of a play that was having its Australian debut. It was an absolute riot. I was back in my home city with a ridiculously brilliant cast performing a hilarious show to packed houses, and it couldn’t have gone better. It was a chance to sharpen my acting chops (as theatre always does), spend some time at home, work with an incredibly talented cast and crew, wear some tights, and have post-show drinks with as many old friends as possible.

It was also a bit of an experiment. Since this whole writing thing has taken off, I’ve been trying to work out how to balance these two careers. After struggling to find proper writing time while working on film and television, I thought that the theatre schedule would be more conducive to my writing/acting ambitions.

I was very, very wrong.

Without rambling too much (I did write a longer post but it dragged on way too much) there is only so much creative energy I can muster up in a day. Working on one project will drain time and passion from the other. To make sure that I do each job at the level that’s required, I plan to bounce back and forth between them. I’ll lock in big chunks of time to writing, then take a break from the books while I flip over to being an actor again. It’s a constant negotiation of deadlines and job choices but it seems to be the most enjoyable and productive path I’ve found so far.

Anyway, that’s a long way of saying that I’ll be trying to blog more going forward. We’re about five months away from release so there are lots of exciting things to discuss. I hope you all had a lovely winter/summer/whatever depending on where you are in the world.

More soon x


11 thoughts on “The Winter That Was​”

  1. Always a pleasure to read you….
    First of all i thanx you here PERSONALLY of your visit on my instastory…. Thank You…
    I have followed you in these months…. having preordered your book and it will arrives just in time for my birthday… very happy and here again thank you….
    Talking about project, i love to read you have many thoughts in your head…. For a case i had started to write a fantasy tale…. if you want to, check my open diary…..
    Here it’s summer, but from few days it’s a bad weather….it’s cold….
    I would have many things to say…. but i stop here…
    Thanx for great sensantions you giving me, without realize it.


  2. Luke it’s been a while since we have talked so I am really happy that you have posted and all is well. I am glad that you have found a way to make your time work between your writing and your acting especially since you are so talented at both and I know you always want to give yourself completely to anything you are working on. I hope that the advice from Megan & Nathan was helpful with the character creation in the book I know they were happy to help. Hopefully we will speak soon and I am looking forward to getting that copy of your book as soon as possible. Thanks for everything and just keep doing your thing it’s definitely working out for you.
    Carolyn x


  3. Life is always a balancing act, more so if you’re a creative. Even more complicated if you have kids.

    Feed your soul as needed. Be good to yourself.

    Can’t wait to get your book in my hands.


  4. Great hearing from you Luke. Looking forward to reading your book. Listened to your recent interview with BuildSeriesSYD and of course loved hearing abt the inspiration for the book and all the acting bits. Need to see more of you in Glitch tho. And yeah Winter came …it came. 🤐 But loving the updates. Keep ’em coming. 😁❤👍


  5. Great hearing from you Luke. I am looking forward to reading your book and I also listened to your recent interview with BuildSeriesSYD, and I’d to know more about your inspiration for the book and all the acting. I really miss to watch you on TV, especially after Black Sails and now so glad to see more of you on Glitch. Even though I missed an opportunity to see you on stages as Kit Marlowe in “Shakespeare in Love”.

    We still have same summer here in my country but I decided to take opportunity to visit Europe country, especially Bosnia – Herzegovina. And I just returned today, can’t believe I missed updated from you 😊

    Hopefully this vacation trip would be fruitful for me, to seek an inspirational for next writing in future. But, hey I love recent the updates from you. Keep ’em coming! 😁❤👍
    Another notes: Life is always a balancing act, more so if you’re a creative. It is okay if you crashed/had up and down, you will slowly get up and found something worth for your time. Take your time and self care will do ❤️ – Farah, Malaysia.


  6. I often ask myself how I’m meant to balance things. I’m a writer (self-published only so far) and I’m meant to be working hard on revising my published book (it needs some polishing after a few years and the improvement in my storytelling) but also had a new idea about a year ago which has so far only turned into notes and about 3 pages of text.

    I want to work on these stories so much because to me storytelling is just. Everything. And I can’t do it with my voice, I have to do with on the page with the written word, but then life intrudes. Searching for a job, trying to decide on a ‘career’ that will allow me to do what I love but also pay my bills etc, I love everything to do with history so I would love a history based career but then…

    I concentrate on one thing and the other goes by the wayside. I can’t write when I’m tired, stressed, busy. So mostly, all the time. I had a year after I watched Black Sails (in a week flat mind you) where I wrote constantly. I wrote more words in that year than I had the entire rest of my life put together. It was wonderful and so far one of the best times of my life, and I want to find a way to get that back.

    It’s an inspiration to me to see you working out a balance between the things you love and to see you being a success at both and I just want to thank you for sharing on this blog and on instagram/twitter. I’m looking forward to your book and I have this quiet simmering hope that someday I’ll be where you are, publishing a story people are waiting and excited for.




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